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Thank you for visiting - please take a few minutes to explore the rest of my site.

Much has changed since I first posted this site to the web. I have returned to Hawai'i, the Rainbow State, this time to the island of Maui.

Periods of time spent away from this Pacific paradise truly help to emphasize the value of the privilige of living here.

I last lived on Maui seven years ago, and much has changed. Much too is the same. The beauty of the 'aina (land) and the genorosity and warmth of the people. The true meaning of "The Aloha Spirit".

I was blessed to find a job within a week of returning to Maui - a "survival level" job to be sure, but it provides a viable income and accomodation to boot. It is often much harder to get a toe in the door!!

I have since begun to focus my energies in a different direction. I have become an Ordained Minister of a non-denominational Church and have obtained a licence to peform marriages from The State of Hawai'i.

Many couples come here to wed, and it is indeed an honor to be able to unite two souls in such a beautiful setting as Maui. It is my way of giving back some of the wonderful gifts that I have received from this terrific place.

Please visit my Ministry website (link below) and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Aloha Wedding Ministry

hanapepe bridge

Look out for more pictures
of some of the places I have
been to or click on any of the
Kauai pictures to visit my
webshots.com online album......
this is a rope bridge across the
Hanapepe River on the
island of Kauai in Hawaii.

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